Small Penis Size Solutions

So, can you really have great sex with a small penis?  Well yes you can, but it takes an exceptional couple for a small penis not to become an issue during their love making.

Truth is that very few women will be happy with a man who has a small penis and so yes penis size does matter to many and that’s why this penis pill has become such a popular product on the male enhancement market.

In truth very few men are happy with a small penis size and that again, is where VigRX Plus comes into play.

If you have a penis size you’re not happy with and you’re not thinking seriously about using an enlargement pill, then you need to get ready to find a range of different ways to make sex as pleasurable for yourself and your partner.

Start by understanding how a woman’s body works sexually.  Unlike men, most women need more finesse and more time to find sex pleasurable and satisfying.  You seriously cannot get in and out and expect any woman to be satisfied, so if that’s what you’re doing, then it’s time to think again.

Make sure that if you want your lover to enjoy sex and you have a small penis, then you pay attention to her and her needs.  Compliment her whenever you can, without making it seem as though you’re only after one thing.  Be genuine in any praise you offer her and this will make her feel great about herself.

Be sure to make the foreplay the main part of your love making because with a small penis, penetration might not be possible and it also might not hit the mark for her.  This is because a woman’s G Spot is at the back of her vagina and it does follow that you’re going to need a large enough penis to hit her G Spot.  If your penis size is small, then you have no chance of hitting her G Spot and helping her towards orgasm!   It’s just how it is!

As foreplay comes to a climax, be sure that she has her orgasm before you – it really is true that “ladies first!”

Caressing her body and using your hands in a creative and express way can go some way to making up for having a small penis size, however the ultimate, when you’re making love, has to be to have a penis size that can do the job and do the job for the right amount of time.  Only then, can you be sure of satisfying her and being the lover you always dreamt you could be.